Chapel Break Infant School

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Ethos and Values


We place the learner at the centre of all of our activities, continuously reflecting on how effectively our actions are impacting on the outcomes of each individual.


Our curriculum content is relevant to the lives of our learners, ensuring that outcomes are authentic and have an impact on the real world. We provide learners with the necessary tools and environments to enable them to be flexible, choosing how, where and with whom they work.  We ensure learners are engaged in collaborative, self-directed learning with the teachers acting as facilitators.


We strive for staff members to be treated as professionals, ensuring that we place significant emphasis on professional dialogue and time to plan, design and teach in teams for a significant proportion of their work.


We respect and promote the work life balance of employees ensuring that work place systems and schedules encourage a healthy balance.


Policies and protocols are regularly reviewed and evaluated to measure their relevance and effectiveness in order to ensure these bureaucratic systems are kept to a minimum. We provide opportunities to network and collaborate across the whole EOS network and with our wider community, sharing information freely.


We place huge importance on research and on developing new pedagogies and tools to liberate learning from past conventions to connect learners in new and powerful ways